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Weddings and getting married

At the Civic Forum, we discuss a great deal of societal issues, one of which is weddings. Why do people get married? Is marriage becoming an outdated institution? How inclusive should marriage be?

Civil Ceremonies

You can have a civil ceremony in any registry office or at any venue of your choice which has been approved to hold civil weddings. There is a huge choice of registered venues available such as hotels, restaurants, stately homes, National Trust and Heritage buildings, Tourist Attraction sites, etc.

If you wish to apply for a temporary approval for a civil marriage to be held at a place of your own choice, this could even be your own home, you should contact the local authority who will advise you about the fee and the application procedure.

Get in touch for a list of registry offices and approved venues. You'll also find some approved venues in our directory.

Making a civil ceremony extra special

Why not get a wedding photographer to chart your special day? There are so many other things you can do to put the icing on the cake of your wedding day.